31 August 2006

Happy Blog Day!

I think Blog Day is a wonderful initiative to promote distinctive voices that reach across cultures and enrich other people's lives with new perceptions, new ideas and visions on life, brandnew answers to the same old questions. The following 5 blogs (even though it's so difficult to select only 5) have surprised me in a playful and jiggling manner but also provided valuable insight and fresh perspectives:

Mental Mayhem for teaching hands-on journalism, cultural understanding and pursuit of happiness despite it all
Zulieka Unstrung for her uncensored frankness and mind-opening confessions
New Adventures of Habarnam for the amazing travel photo-stories
Where is Ur Mind for its freedom of thought and playful vision of life and because everyone should, once in a while, be prompted to ignore reason and choose the irrational instead :)
Greek Tragedy because for the past two years it's been an intriguing reading and because she hasn't lost her true self inspite of her new-found celebrity

Happy Bloggin to all of you out there!

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